Shadow Force Fictions
Fictions by Fastrax Shadow Squadron song
  Hindsight is always 20 20
  A Week in the Sun, a life to live
(Fastrax is recruited)
it's a long one
Fictions by LA Beginning
  Encounter 1
  Encounter 2
  Day off
  Monster within 1 (Spider Man fic 1)
  Monster within 2 (Spider Man fic 2)
  Awakening (Spider Man Fic)
  Episode 4: A New Life (Part 1)
  Episode 5: A New Life (Part 2)
  Episode 6: A New Life (Part 3)
  Episode 7: A New Life (Part 4)
  Star Point (Part 1)
  Episode 8: Enter the X-Men (Part 1)
  Episode 9: Enter the X-Men (Part 2)
Fictions by Zor Alpha Liberty Rings
Fictions by GPilot06 Crash  (Part 1)
  Red Snakes  (part 2)
  Hikari  (part 3)
  Techno Genius (part 4)
  The Laptop, the Run-away, and a Long Story. (part 5)
  Chaos Control
Fictions by Specialist Subject pursuit (part 1)
Fictions by KilroyLeader The Red Barchetta
  A Beginning
Fictions by Wave Omega’s Shadow part 1
  part 2
  part 3
  The Students of Sieketsu part 1
  The Students of Sieketsu part 2
  Every Thorn has it's rose part1
  Every Thorn has it's rose part 2
  Guidance Man Episode #1: Puff of Justice
  BR part 3 and epilouge
Fictions by Veritechfokerhunter Invid invasion poem
  about the beginning
Fictions by Bob the Almighty Siblings
Victor Victor